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Coffee As Quest


Conceived for those with exclusive taste, Full Sack Jack is a microroaster offering aficionados the promise of a heightened coffee experience. But that promise comes with a caveat: our coffee will leave you wanting more. Artisan blends of premium Arabica beans from Brasil, Guatemala, Antigua and Kenya come in a full-pound bag. They satisfy your craving, shot after shot, for a taste of the sublime laced with crema. But like desire, like joy, the company of people who light all your synapses, you never get enough. Because a true coffee experience is, after all, an on-going, exhilarating quest.


We give you more in every bag. And we'll see you out there on the journey.


This blend brings together best coffees of Brazil, Guatemala and Africa. The outcome is a stunningly sweet coffee, a bold mouthfeel and elegant notes of peaches and plums.
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Kariaini AA Microlot is a stunningly sweet and dense coffee with nuanced and balanced notes of bitter orange and blackberry, caramel and sugar cane. Tropical fruit with amazingly buttery thick and round mouthfeel. Layers of flavours keep opening up as the cup cools down.
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Kenya karaini aa microlot


A Cup of Excellence award winner, Guatemala Finca Santa Clara Genuine Antigua is known for a bold mouthfeel and elegant notes of peaches and plums.
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Guatemala finca santa clara