The best coffee roaster by FullSackJack

Our story begins in an era of bowler hats and model Ts, when the milkman came daily to the doorstep. Doug Jamieson's grandfather was a coal dealer, delivering warmth to customers in a time of economic hardship. While other coal companies were notorious for "short sacking" their customers, Doug's grandfather built a reputation on the promise of delivering a full sack of coal to every family he visited.

Generations later, we fill our sacks with hand-roasted espresso beans instead of lumps of coal. We do business on a more intimate scale, roasting in small batches, working one-on-one with coffee enthusiasts to showcase and share the truly exceptional espresso shot. But we still honor the promise that made Full Sack Jack a San Francisco Bay Area legend. Every one-pound bag is a full pound—not a skimpy twelve ounces—meticulously sourced, blended with precision and roasted to perfection.

Specialty coffee for the connoisseur delivered at a terrific value: that's the way we continue to live up to the name Full Sack Jack.

Douglas Jamieson, Proprietor

Douglas Jamieson

Doug experienced his coffee epiphany on a visit to Vancouver, BC, where a barista pulled the best espresso shot he'd ever tasted. When he asked the guy how he'd done it, he was treated to a 90-minute lecture on espresso machines, coffee grinders, green coffee beans and roasting techniques. He was hooked. He went home and combed the insider coffee websites his new guru recommended, then ordered his first espresso machine and grinder.
It didn't take him long to graduate to roasting with a half-pound Hot Top home roaster. That was quickly followed by a 100-gram sample roaster, a 2-pound Probatino and a 12-kilo Probat professional roaster.

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Doug helped run the gravel business his father inherited from his grandfather, who started out delivering coal in Oakland. After his induction into the cult of coffee, Doug pursued professional instruction in coffee roasting in the best teaching arenas, coached by top American coffee roasters including Stephen Diedrich of Diedrich Roasters, Terry Davis of Ambex Roasters, Willem Boot of Boot Coffee, Tony "Tonx" Konecny and coffee consultant extraordinaire Chris Tacy.

In 2003, Doug began roasting coffee for a circle of private clients that kept expanding as word about his espresso spread. In response to demand, his limited-production espresso became available to the general public in 2009. Full Sack Jack Coffee Roasters now channels Doug's coffee fanaticism full-time into the micro-roasting business.

Doug has a suitcase with a portable espresso machine that travels everywhere he does. He made espresso for guests at his daughter's engagement party. He makes coffee for friends and intimates on vacation or on the go. "It definitely makes any trip more special," he says. "Great coffee creates a rich, shared experience."

Luca D'Isanto, Co-founder, Web Wizard and Roaster

Luca D'Isanto

Born on the island of Sardinia, Luca grew up outside of Rome with a strong sense of both place and romance associated with coffee. For him, coffee has always been social and emotional, evocative of moments and relationships, and associated with particular sights and sounds as much as tastes anaromas.

He traveled across the European Continent, studying in Switzerland and France and eventually earning his master's degree in philosophy. This was the natural choice for someone so deeply in love with café culture, where coffee is indelibly linked to—and facilitates—the exchange of words and ideas.

Luca came to the US to pursue the PhD, and began lecturing in 1995 at UC Berkeley. During his academic career, he published numerous translations of Italian philosophers as well as his own essays. He also parlayed his knowledge of Italian flavors and aromas and his talents as a cook into a one-year partnership with Chef Peter Chastain at Mazzini Restaurant, where they worked on developing original Italian American taste combinations.

In 2007, he was wooed away from academia by Silicon Valley. Yahoo recruited him for his skill as a linguist, and he found search work a surprising and rewarding change from lecturing and publishing. His latest venture brings Luca back full circle to his roots in Italian coffee culture. His ambition for Full Sack Jack is to marry Italian know-how and passion for coffee with American enthusiasm for innovation and enthusiasm for unique, artisanal espresso styles and flavors.